Our group

The ESG EKO AGRO Project is
a Swiss – Italian cooperation

ESG EKO AGRO Italia is a fully owned subsidiary of the ESGTI Group of companies.

The ESGTI Group is a group of companies currently consisting of ESGTI AG, Hünenberg, Switzerland; ESG EKO AGRO Italia s.r.l., Bologna, Italy; ESG LifeSciences AG, Hünenberg, Switzerland, ESG Engineering & Consulting AG, Zurich, Switzerland; ESG Engineering  s.r.l., Pistoia, Italy; and 4WM E&C AG, Schaan, Liechtenstein. It also holds a significant stake in ESG Real Assets Fund, Cayman Islands and AltEnergis plc, London, UK.

The Group is mainly active in the following areas: AgriBusiness and AgriTech, Life Sciences, Clean Tech, Deep Tech, Renewable Energy and Infrastructure, based upon environmental, social and governance (ESG) ethical principles and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations through the initiative, “Building a better world”.

The AgriBusiness Division, under ESG EKO AGRO Italia, build and control an integrated chain of agricultural production, “from the seed to the plate”, ensuring quality, transparency and traceability every step of the way.

Through the acquisition of so-called brownfield land, the Group’s highly qualified experts use its proprietary protocol to create a new agricultural production system – the Tech Agrarian Solution.

ESGTI AG, the parent company, is currently listed on the unregulated market of the Berlin Stock Exchange (Berlin Open Market).

Vision, mission and values


Clean and sustainable, but still profitable

Our vision is to demonstrate that it is possible to run an agricultural business on a larger scale in such a way that the farmers can not only be proud of their products, but can also make a good living from them, and that consumers can be certain that their food is healthy and sustainably produced as well.

We also want to demonstrate that agricultural production can be organised in such a way that it is profitable at normal market prices, while under sustainable management, and can generally operate without subsidies.


Our mission is to deploy the Tech Agrarian Solution in order to achieve its vision in such a way that ESG EKO AGRO becomes an example of fair and sustainable agriculture by satisfying employees and partners, and creating value for shareholders.


The Company is committed to values that it believes foster and sustain environmental, social and governance (ESG) ethical principles and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations through the initiative, “Building a better world”.

Our team

A complementary array of cutting edge and relevant expertise

The Company is managed by a seasoned and cross-disciplinary team of entrepreneurs, with the support of committed advisors, contractors and consultants. Our people are experts in farming and agricultural science, ESG and sustainability, engineering, deep tech, and food and beverage, among other areas.

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Our executives and experts

In the lists below,

  • E = Executive or member of the Board of Directors
  • A = Member of the Advisory Board
  • C = Consultant
  • Co = Contractor.

The ESGTI Group was founded by  Dimitri Dimitriou (E), Salvatore Toscano (E), Rolf Küng (C), Andreas Bihrer (E), and Brunella Pavesi (E).

AdministrationCristina Corriga (E), Daniele Fittipaldi (E);
AgronomistsRicardo Benini (Co), Alessandro Contri (Co), Rodolfo Fornaciari (Co), Roberto Natali (E) - PAC: Angelo Bogazzi, Simona Bongi, Alessandro Morosi, Marco Natali, Massimo Sansoni;
ArchitectsPaolo Caggiano (E), Leonardo Ducci (E), Sara De Felici (E), Luca Ghezzi (E), Leonardo Gori (Co), Antonio Sgueglia (E);
CommunicationMichele Carpentieri (E);
EngineersGabriele Anatrini (E), Leonardo Cefaratti (Co). Francesco Gori (Co), Lorenzo Martinelli (E), Stefano Papi (E), Laura Tassinari (A);
ESGMarcello Miozzo (Co), Alessandro Piccione (A), Marco Scarpelli (Co), Rahel Wendelspiess (A);
FarmingMassimo Antonini (E), Costantino d’Apricena (A, Co), Serafino Banci (A, Co), Niccolo Pasca di Magliano (A, Co), Andrea Prato (A), Antonio Raimondo (A, Co), Luca Travaglini (A, Co);
FinanceGregor Guggisberg (A), Hermann Wirz (E);
Deep-TechGiuseppe Rondinelli (E);
IT PlatformsAlessandro Manzo (E)
LawJ.P. Frick (E), Nick Kunz (C), Alessandro Malipiero (C), Guido Molinari (C), Valeria Pugliesi (C), Roberto Sparano (C), Elena K Toscano (E);
MarketingEleonora Bindi (E), Dario Congiu (E); Antonella di Donato (E), Dieter Hemmer (A);
ProductsCostantino D’Apricena (A, Co), Serafino Banci (A, Co), Costanza Brogi (A, Co), Gaetano Buglisi (A, Co), Daniela Fratini (A, Co), Susi Fratini (A, Co), Massimo Gironi (A, Co), Duccio Pometti (A, Co), Nico Sartori (A, Co);
TechniciansAlessandro Massai (Co), Leonardo Moretti (Co), Francesco Palermo (A), Luca Travaglini (A)

Key partners


Università di PisaDipartimento Scienze Agrarie, Alimentari e Agro-ambientali (Zootecnia Speciale) — Prof Alberto Pardossi, Prof Marcello Mele, Prof Luca Incroci, Prof Damiano Remorini, Prof Claudio D’Onofrio.
Università di FirenzeDipartimento Agraria e Forestale — Prof Riccardo Gucci.

Corporate and commercial

ARIAARIA Services AG, is a Zurich-based financial and administrative services company, affiliated to ARIA Capital Management.
ASIAAssociazione Sviluppo Imprese Agricole, a Pescia-based Italian association, specialising in supporting farmers in the design and management of practices related to Rural Development Plans.
Balmer-EtienneBalmer-Etienne AG is a Lucerne-based tax consulting and audit firm.
BihrerBihrer Attorneys at Law Ltd., is a Zurich-based law firm specialising in corporate law.
D.R.E.AM.D.R.E.AM Italia is a Pistoia-based Team of agronomists, forestry and environmental engineers that fosters the Rural Development through consultancies, technical assistance and design, in particular for farmers and forestry companies.
ESAengineeringESA engineering is Sesto Fiorentino-based international multi-disciplinary consultancy firm providing a full range of services: MEP Design, Design Management, P&C Mgmt for Retail & Fit Out Projects, and further advice in various areas of expertise.
EvenBetterEvenBetter Consulting is a Rome-based consulting firm specialising in market environment, branding and marketing strategies.
InGenioInGenio sr.l., is a Prato-based company providing integrated engineering and consulting services.
QuorumQUORUM is an Italian law firm founded by a group of lawyers with in-depth experience in different branches of Italian and international law.
Tax PartnerTax Partner AG is a Zurich-based tax consulting firm.

Corporate governance

A commitment to fairness and rigorous transparency throughout

ESGTI Group is committed to maintaining a high standard of corporate governance. It subscribes both to the principles laid down in the Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance (as published by ‘Economie Suisse’, the Swiss business federation) as well as international best practice.

Its principles of corporate governance are embodied in its policies and procedures manuals, and in the terms of reference of all the statutory committees.

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Direction and management

The board of directors of the parent company is responsible for its overall strategic direction and the appointment of senior executives, as well as the assignment of functions to external partners.

It is responsible for establishing financial controls and appropriate procedures for the management of the company’s risk profile, as well as the overall supervision and operation of the business. The senior management is responsible for the preparation of the company’s financial statements and the audit thereof. The board of directors is composed mostly of non-executive directors with diverse professional and business backgrounds.

The executive management is responsible for implementing and executing strategic policies as determined and controlled by the board of directors. It is empowered to conduct day-to-day operations and the financial management of the Company. It is responsible for managing the various areas of business of the Group’s companies and for providing the board of directors with relevant, reliable and timely information on a regular basis.

Summary of Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct determines the way in which the Group achieves its mission and objectives, and governs how employees, management and the board of directors conduct themselves. The Code requires members to:

  • Conduct business with honesty, integrity and transparency
  • Strive for professionalism in everything they do
  • Embrace continuous improvements and innovation
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • Be uncompromising on quality
  • Be reliable and consistent in delivering on company promises
  • Be results-oriented and dedicated to its customers
  • Care for the environment
  • Care for the community

Members of the Group recognise that, as players in the global agro and food sectors, they must strive to act as responsible corporate citizens and uphold its founding business values at all times.